Marijuana Oil

Quick Marijuana Oil:

Marijuana oil is used in a variety of recipes. It is considered a cornerstone of cannabis cooking! Don’t get left in the dust, have a stock pile of cannabis oil on hand so you can be ready for any of your medication or cooking needs!

What you need:
Mini Slow Cooker, With temperature control (low, high, warm)
Two cups of Corn or Vegetable Oil
One Ounce of Marijuana mids broken up well

1. Place oil in slow cooker on low
2. In 20 minutes add Marijuana Buds
3. Observe buds, if not loosely covered in oil add more 1/2 cup at a time until covered
4. Cook for 6 hours on low, stirring every hour
5. Strain into a Mason Jar while reserving plant material (Set Aside)
6. Return plant material to slow cooker adding one 8 oz bottled water
7. Stir and cook two additional hours
8. Strain into separate mason jar and place in freezer
9. Extract oil from top of frozen water